Remote Support

With remote software, we can solve your IT problems wherever you are.

IT issues can cause downtime, which in turn can cause costs to your business and unhappy clients. If you’re frequently experiencing downtime with your IT, what you need is a remote support service.

With remote support software, our team can fix 60% of issues on the spot. AEM is a new addition to our business which allows continuous monitoring of your systems and automated alerts. This means that in some cases, we can spot an issue before you can.

Although we can fix your IT issues without leaving our desk, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay put. We understand that travel is a vital part of how clients operate, and remote access allows us to connect to your device and support you wherever you are.

By remotely accessing your computer we remove the need to talk you through the situation, we can just log on and get it done. This means your employees aren’t stuck on the end of a telephone call, freeing them up to perform other duties.

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Our Average Ticket Closure Time is 6.3 hours – that's under one working day.

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