Case Study: Micad Systems

See how we worked day though night to help Micad Systems resolve their problems with ongoing consultancy and 3rd level support.

Why does your business require IT Support?

Micad are the UK’s leading provider of Property Management Software. We have over 200 leading organisations using our software to manage their estates and facilities. These include Universities, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Corporate and Private Sector organisations. While these organisations have in-house technical staff to look after their day to day IT needs, PC Paramedics are able to compliment this with on-going consultancy and 3rd level support on more complex issues.

Why did you choose PC Paramedics for your IT Support?

We have grown very quickly and we needed good advice with a datacentre project. PC Paramedics were recommended to us as a firm who could help us very quickly. Their guys work through the night and the weekends until problems are resolved. We cannot commend this level of commitment enough.

What is the best thing about PC Paramedics?

PC Paramedics designed and built Micad’s network infrastructure with resilience and contingency measures to ensure we are able to deliver first class service to our clients, including security features for government and NHS clients where security is paramount. This has also improved the efficiency of Micad’s own business operations. We recently migrated our legacy exchange service to Microsoft 365 with PC Paramedics. We envisaged this would be painful and difficult. PCP worked their magic and the systems were merged overnight. The advent of PC Paramedics being able to monitor remotely exactly what’s going on in the business in terms of security software, problems with emailing and those sorts of issues and their ability to address remotely what’s going on and tell us where there are problems that we are probably completely oblivious to, is a very comforting thought.

Would you recommend PC Paramedics?

PC Paramedics are very responsive, professional and are clearly experts in their field. We would highly recommend PC Paramedics.

Cliff Wallworth | Technical Director | Micad Systems Ltd

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