PC Paramedics: Data Breaches

Today’s blog will focus on data breaches. If you follow our social media accounts, you’ll have seen our recent informational campaign surrounding this topic. Specifically, good passwords, bad passwords, the effects data breaches can have on your business and our solutions designed to protect your business. The subject is becoming increasingly important, but I haven’t really discussed it before. In this blog, I’m going to talk about recent data breaches on large organisations and how PC Paramedics can help you avoid the worst.

Many major companies have seen large data breaches this year. Canva is a very recent example of this.

139 million user’s data were compromised in the Canva breach. The information obtained by the hackers included: real names, usernames, email addresses and city and country information. This means if you used the same email and password for Canva, as you do on other websites, these leaked details can be used to compromise your accounts on those sites too.

The same goes for many other business that have recently been compromised. They take very valuable, crucial information and can use it to their advantage. This has happened countless times through the year- just have a look on Google!

The thing is, these complications could have been prevented if the organisation had the right system in place and knew how crucial data breach protection was. This follows onto my next section…

Working in the IT industry means it’s always super common for us to see organisations come on board with us without any knowledge of cyber security. You’d think it’d be common sense to obtain anti-virus alongside other business essential software such as Microsoft Office or Sage, however this isn’t the case.

Instead, many people have the “it’ll never happen to us” mindset before coming on board, and it isn’t uncommon for us to gain clients whose systems have become riddled with malware. However, we always take the best course of action to protect your data whilst removing the harmful viruses.

Upon speaking to our Director the other day, he gave a brilliant analogy regarding cyber security and IT Support. He explained how a computer holding your data could be a locked door. The lock will sit there and work, until time takes it toll, it decays, and eventually becomes easy for someone unwanted to gain access to that room’s contents. There is no dedicated person to look after this lock to ensure it remains in a good working condition. However, with a server, computer systems and proactive IT Support in place, PC Paramedics can act as that dedicated person to ensure your systems don’t become vulnerable to attacks, keeping the data safe. We monitor system performance, any attacks made, and ensure updates are installed so your security is the best it can be.

Whilst talking about the issues your company can be hit with, it’s important to us that you’re offered solutions to these problems. I want to tell you how we take the problems you may face in hand and combat it.

The team I work with consist of 4 tech ‘heroes’-as many of our clients call them. Our director ensures they’re fully trained in the solutions we offer and know the ins and outs. We spent a tremendous amount of time researching for the right solutions to offer. I’ve written a blog discussing the cyber protection we offer, and you can read all about it here.

Our specialist protection software ensures your business is the safest it can always be. We’re monitoring it, consistently, receiving alerts in real time (going back to my lock theory earlier on in the blog) so if there’s ever an issue- we’ll know about it before you do.

We also run and apply a ‘Password Policy’ that asks users to update and change their password every XX number of days.

Next, have you ever heard of multi factor? This is another safety application that we put in place to ensure your accounts are safe from anyone that isn’t you!

Now, we run another unique system and it’s probably my favourite one of them all. Everyone has fallen victim to this. You receive an email requesting your password to an account and willingly enter it without realising it’s a fake email! We’ll email your employees frequently checking their knowledge in fake emails. – So, you’ll know what to look for!

We’re always running frequent audits across your office 365 networks to detect suspicious breaches.

The best thing about the team is they care about you and want you to put your business first without worrying about the IT side of things. So, we’ll always be updating you with new solutions and information that we know will ensure the continued success of both you and your business.

If you’re wondering how we can benefit your business, why not call us? We pick up in 7 seconds- that’s just 3 rings! 0800 01 999 34

We’ll look at and asses the systems you currently have in place as well as the technology you use with our bespoke IT Health Check and run you through on the next steps you can take to make your business safer.


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