BBC's DIY SOS needed help and we answered!

When we saw that the BBC’s DIY SOS’s team were in our home town and needed help, we just couldn’t say no! The build in Stoke on Trent saw the DIY SOS team and 100’s of volunteers recreate dead space into an inspiring community multi-functional area which offers a sense of relief to it’s local residents. This space is to encourage community engagement, health related activities (particularly mental health), education, food growing and recreational spaces for everyone of any age. 

Whilst on site assisting with the build we also supplied and installed an internet line so community members could use the internet free of charge. 

We are super proud to have taken part in this project and of all our staff here at PC Paramedics for giving up their time to assist the DIY SOS team. We wish the Sylvester’s community trust all the best for the future.


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