According to a cyber-readiness survey published by business insurance specialists Hiscox, small businesses with up to 100 users now face the same risk as a 20,000-employee enterprise. Businesses of all sizes are under constant attack from cyber criminals, who use multiple methods to steal credentials, bypass defences and infect network devices, servers, computers, and more.  

Some threats are opportunistic, automated, and indiscriminate in nature, whilst others are highly targeted, invasive, and precise. With the variety, volume, and velocity of attacks that businesses experience today, it’s never been more critical to deploy effective, broad-spectrum endpoint security that can detect and prevent today’s malware, ransomware, phishing or crypto-threats. 



What do we use to keep your business safe?   

PC Paramedics use a fully cloud-based endpoint security solution to harness the power of machine learning to continuously monitor and adapt endpoint threat detection, protection, and prevention.  

In the event your computer becomes infected with malware or a virus, a high priority alert is pinged through to our technicians, so they can take swift action to protect your company’s assets.  

  • Hassle Free Deployment   

The small but powerful software agent only needs 30 seconds to install and won’t conflict with existing security software.  

  •  Fully Remote Endpoint Management   

The single integrated management console gives our technicians full security visibility and control over any device with the software agent installed.  

  •  Fully Automated Operation  

All protection occurs in real time! Admins can also automate software agent updates, which typically takes 5 seconds. 

  •  On and Offline Protection and Auto-Remediation  

Endpoint protection uses propriety technology to monitor, journal, and contain potential infections, even when a given endpoint is offline.  

  •  User transparency and low system overheads  

Unless you specifically look for it, you won’t notice it running! 

  •  Innovative Technology  

Our protection works in multiple stages. It works to stop malware before it can execute. If it does for any reason, it will journal the file’s activities and undo its changes to local drives.  

  •  Powered by World-Class Threat Intelligence   

Threat intelligence and Bright Cloud services back all protection solutions and are trusted by 85+ network and security vendors worldwide to enhance their own solutions.  


  • Business Endpoint Protection aa Glance   
  • Secure and resilient distributed cloud architecture   
  • Layered user and device defences  
  • Malware detection, prevention, and protection  
  • Multi-Shield protection  
  • User Identity and Privacy   
  • White and Black Listing  
  • Intelligent Firewall  
  • Infrared Dynamic Risk Prevention  
  • Powerful Heuristics  
  • Full Offline Protection  
  • Multi OS, Virtualization, terminal server, and Citrix Support   


What Results Can You Expect?  

The protection PC Paramedics will provide you delivers advanced detection, protection, and prevention against the ever-increasing number of attacks businesses are facing. With fewer infections and security-related incidents, not to mention fewer remediation cases and productivity losses, businesses can finally focus on what matters most, growing profitability.  


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