PC Paramedics: irefer scheme

Here at PC Paramedics we love to spoil our clients .. if you sign up to a 12 month support contract we will either cover your first 2 months costs or give you a free iPad! You choose! Even if your business is not able to take advantage of our professional IT services, why not refer us to a friend and if they sign up to monthly support .. you guessed it .. we will give you a free iPad! To be eligible for this offer the client must sign a 12 month support contract (minimum of 10 devices).

We have given loads away so far … grab some popcorn and watch us in action!

Passionate about technology with strong skills in both Apple and Microsoft platform, PC Paramedics believe that balance is a big deal here. We'll give you the opportunity to make your mark with your work, whilst enjoying your wider interests too. We believe that creates the winning formula.


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