So, what is the difference between the old Telecoms system and the new?

Out with the old...

When we talk about an old Telecoms system it’s basically the huge phone on your desk taking up unnecessary space and being attached to just your desk. You probably haven’t noticed but you will have a box screwed to the wall somewhere in your office that a Telecoms Engineer will come out and service once a year if you are lucky! This basically connects all the telephone wires allowing calls to come into your office and through to the phone that’s sat on your desk eagerly waiting (whilst you leg it across the office) for you to answer. 

In with the new!

What if we told you that we could transfer this old system into the Cloud so you could answer that same call from anywhere in the world and on any device you choose! This is what is also known as VOIP, internet phones or Cloud Telecoms (they all mean the same thing).

Cloud Telecoms allows us to store and save data online as opposed to a physical hard drive. Instead of using old world Telephone infrastructure simply connect your chosen device or (devices) to the internet from anywhere in the world and wallah!

What are the key benefits to your business?

Well we are glad you asked! 

The possibilities are endless with Cloud Telecoms but here are a few benefits you will see to your business as soon as you make the switch…

  • Cost saving – Cloud Telecoms offers businesses a great chance to save money, avoiding the cost of internal calls, initial set up costs and the costs of on-going maintenance.
  • Flexibility – Whether you’re working in the UK or Timbuktu, you can take your calls on the go via Wi-Fi, or even better via mobile on a 3g/4g connection.
  • Business continuity – If your business requires complete uptime, Cloud Telecoms offers a robust solution. Whether you work in financial services or in healthcare, it provides a reliable and continuous connection.
  • Scalability – Perfect for growing businesses, Cloud Telecoms allows you to easily add or remove lines without hassle or additional capital investment.

So How do I get Cloud Telecoms?

Thats easy! Simply contact one of our Telecoms specialists from our contacts page and we will sort everything for you! Simples! 


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