Your 2020 Digital Transformation

Today, we wanted to talk to you about your business and its 2020 Digital Transformation. If this is something you haven’t yet thought about, don’t worry! Now is the perfect time to read up, to learn and to take action! We only want the best for you and your business after all.

What is a Digital Transformation?

Firstly, we want to discuss what the definition of a Digital Transformation actually is.

It’s the process of using current digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet new market and business requirements.

For example, a company ignoring the 2020 problem or even leaving it until the last minute isn’t meeting future business requirements for 2020. This issue will later affect them further down the line and will be detrimental to the business and its ways of functioning in the New Year.

As an IT company we find that when an organisation is planning its business plan for the upcoming year, it commonly leaves out its plans for technology. Businesses just don’t see it as being important as other things. This needs to change!

Lets analyse the image below to help you understand our analogy better. If you’re a business that hasn’t yet touched hands with IT or doesn’t understand it you’re at the first step. Still a great, business but with no proper managed IT Support you’re being held back from functioning properly. The next few steps shows the business understanding the benefits of Managed IT Support. Allowing you to slowly evolve to see the true potential it can have on your business. This is all before your Digital Transformation. Your updated hardware and IT plan put in place to suit both you and your business. This is going to allow you to ultimately focus on your company knowing your IT is being taken care of.

The 2020 Problem

This is the main contributing factor to the importance of your Digital Transformation this year. It’s more important than ever as it’s highly likely that some of your operating systems will be going out of date in January 2020 and will no longer be supported by Microsoft. These include:

  • Windows 7
  • Office 2010
  • Exchange 2010
  • Small Business Server 2011
  • Windows Server 2008

What we’re currently seeing is people turning away from the fact their systems will NOT work in January, which means you’ll be opening your company data to hackers. These people will easily enter your systems, with effects that are going to be detrimental to the future of your business and its requirements in the New Year.

A GDPR requirement states that organisations are supported by the right software. Once your system goes out of date and your data is lost you won’t be GDPR-compliant.

As an IT Support provider, we strongly recommend either replacing the system or upgrading it if the hardware is capable. Our passion is in IT and as we wouldn’t want this to happen to you so, we’re providing you with the steps you need to take for a successful start to 2020.

Not sure if you need to take action? That’s okay!

We can send one of our trusted Senior Technicians to you who’ll conduct a free IT Health Check and advise you on the next steps you can take. You can also book a meeting with us straight away here.

We strongly recommend looking into this now, before it’s too late.

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